Think of your product photography as a salesperson that never stops selling.

When a customer is at your store considering your product, you have to build trust quickly. If you don’t, you won’t build trust at all – your shopper will disappear.
Just like a great salesman, great product photography supports the trustworthiness of your brand and product.

Simplified Pricing

$35 Single Shot

The simplest pricing

$5 Group Shot

Just add $5 for each additional item

$5 Masking

Need the background removed?  Add $5 for each item in the shot

We won’t stop shooting until you are satisfied


You get so much for your money!

Amazon ready images

We work with Amazon sellers every day. All orders include JPG files ready to upload into Amazon and E-commerece platforms like Volusion, Big Commerce, WordPress, 3dCart, Magento, and others. Your files will be large so you can have the zoom function.

Group shots

Sometimes one product in the image isn’t enough, and we get that, so feel free to add items to your shot for only $5 each item.

Do I need the background removed?

We always provide images that 100% white to the edge of your image.  This allows your product to appear floating in a field of white just as everyone is used to seeing on sites such as Amazon.  That is always included in our base price.

Sometimes you may want to place your product on a different color background or use it for print.  In this case you would want the image masked.  It allows for more flexibility.

We mask our photos in Photoshop using our discretion as to whether it should be a clipping path or a layer mask.  Either way the background is removed and you will be provided a layered Tiff file.

Pure white background

Every image you get includes, at no extra charge, a pure white background (RGB 255,255,255) that will blend seamlessly with any white page in print or web.  Pure White backgrounds are required for most major e-commerce companies and are the standard for high quality professional product photography.

Free Basic Retouching

Most products only require basic retouching which is included FREE of charge.
For products that need more extensive retouching work we also offer advanced retouching services for a reasonable charge to straighten crooked labels,  packaging dents & dings, or any other custom retouching need. If we feel your products would benefit from additional retouching we will contact you for approval and will provide an estimate.

High Resolution images

All products are shot using professional photography equipment at a resolution of up to 30 mp (6720 x 4480 pixels) before being cropped.   Typically our high-resolution images are 3000 px (10 inches) on the longest side and we automatically include 300 dpi High-resolution images for use in print at no additional cost. Unlike most studios, we never charge more for your high-resolution files. These files will be large enough for virtually all print mediums and advertising formats.

Free Licensing

Worldwide Royalty Free Unlimited Use is included with all product photos ordered online that are paid in full. You never have to worry about any image restrictions or additional licensing fees. Once you pay for your online order, you may use your images however you choose, with no time restriction.

Product Prep

As soon as your product arrives we carefully unpack and inspect each item. All items are then prepared to be photographed by using lint & dust removing cloths, special anti-static brushes, and compressed air. Clothing is ironed or steamed, and lint is removed. For jewelry product photography we use special polishing cloths to ensure each one of your products look their best. Once the shoot is complete we carefully pack up each item for return or donation, your choice.

Let’s talk about your photography needs

We understand that it can be confusing to start the photography process so feel free to ask any questions and we will help you however we can.